Dzomo la Mupo(DLM) 2018 theme: The importance of indigenous trees and indigenous forests in this times of climate change threats.

We women!! We moon!! “Seedlings germinate from seed. We pick seeds of the trees and we do not transplant germinating seedlings from the forests.”

This is a program of  planting trees that are indigenous and recuperate knowledge about indigenous trees.

Tree planting groups in all DLM communities have been trained the permaculture and agro ecology skills. Members establish own nursery at home, DLM has developed the home based nursery for knowledge to be transferred to the family and children to learn about the trees.

DLM has 12 000 indigenous trees in the nurseries, ready to be planted this year 2018. Since 2009 DLM has distributed 15 000 to many schools, communities ,Thohoyandou Botanical garden, traditional authorities, Thulamela, Makhado and Mutale municipalities.

Dzomo la mupo is working with the following communities for establishment of indigenous trees nurseries: Tshidzivhe.Vhutanda –Duthuni and Vuvha. In each community there are house hold nurseries.DLM is working with 13 villages and 15 schools for programmes of protection of ecosystem sites,seed and healthy food systems, cultural biodiversity with youths.

The DLM has also developed the ecological territorial cultural maps and traditional ecological calendars which shows the climate and role of indigenous forest in the territory.


  1. To plant trees which are indigenous and recuperate knowledge about indigenous trees in Vhembe District.
  2. To raise awareness about the Vhembe biosphere on role of indigenous forests, rivers wetlands and fountains.


  1. To market the indigenous trees from Tshidzivhe-Thathe, Vhutanda and Vuvha home based nurseries as a strategy to generate income for these rural communities.
  2. To promoted indigenous trees planting in   schools, homesteads and communities’ degraded areas, such as around the rivers, fountains and around wetlands areas.
  3. To assist communities by reviving ecological care knowledge to restore ecosystem in wetlands and reviving ecological life in rivers and fountains by replanting the following plants: midulu(cyperus),mitate(scirpus spaces), milolo,mazhesi, mufhongwe(colocasia esculenta) ).mufhere, midima(fern and moss plant)




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