Intergenerational learning and cultural biodiversity
Cultural Biodiversity (CB) is the link between cultural (or human) diversity and biological diversity (biodiversity). Where cultural diversity is the variety of human societies/culture, and biological diversity is the variety of plant and animal life, in any one specific region or within the world as a whole.
Dzomo la Mupo works with teachers and students to revive cultural biodiversity through gatherings, celebrations and the facilitation of intergenerational knowledge transfer between elders and children.
Having an understanding of Cultural Biodiversity helps students to gain an appreciation of how human life interacts with the natural environment and culture during every day. Learning about CB can help students to understand why life is the way it is today and how they can improve it by applying norms, values, customs and ideas within their society. As part of the CB programme, Dzomo la Mupo invite elders to share with the students their knowledge about life in the past. This encourages the young people to compare the past and the present generation, and to deepen their connection with their roots. They can then draw conclusions that will enable them to build a happy and healthy future for their own children.