Why we need Dzomo la Mupo

Massive destruction of forests along the rivers and in the mountains of the Vhembe district of South Africa is a great cause for concern, it has already caused great losses in healthy food sovereignty where many communities in the area harvest from the wild for their survival. Dzomo la Mupo is working to alleviate this environmental degradation.

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The Dzomo La Mupo (DLM) General Meeting. 03 July 2017
The meeting was hold in the forest at Tshidzivhe territory. The DLM members from the previous meeting dialogue they agreed that they will hold meeting in the forests for excising the real task of Dzomo la Mupo. Vho Makhadzi Joyce said, “We should go to the forests because trees needs us and we need the trees for our breath. We should not waste our breathing here in buildings, we should go to the forests and do our general meeting and our minds will be open when we are in the forest. “It was a dialogue where members indicated that if when we get funding, we should use money to pay the conference halls to pay transport to go to the forests and there agreements was that all general meetings will happening in the forests no longer in conference halls.

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