The work of Dzomo la Mupo focuses on 3 areas:

DLM works with rural communities, women, elders, school children, youths and custodians of the sacred natural sites. DLM’s work includes: 1, Protection of indigenous forests, rivers, wetlands, sacred natural forests. 2, Intergenerational learning and cultural biodiversity. 3, Recuperation of indigenous seeds, traditional agricultural knowledge for healthy soil to cope with impact of climate change. Activities of the whole programme are driven by indigenous knowledge systems and the knowledge is unearthed through community ecological dialogues to reach understanding of holistic Mother Earth and challenges in the face of destruction.

Across all the programmes we empower and strengthen women to regain their leadership roles.
We facilitate workshops and dialogues on: eco-cultural mapping, the importance of farmer’s indigenous seed varieties and healthy soil, reforestation of degraded forests, community resilience building and community rights. We advocate for the protection of forests, rivers and sacred sites, and we encourage and support the younger generation to appreciate their culture and identity, and to learn the deep ancestral knowledge of their elders by introducing Cultural Biodiversity learning to schools.

Programme Coordinators

Sacred Site Co-ordinator – Makhadzi Vho Mbengeni Joyce

Seed and food Ststems Co-ordinator- Rasikhinya Nancy and Ndou Unarine

Forests, trees, wetlands and rivers co-ordinator- Makaulule Ravhutsi

Cultural Biodiversity for cultural learning- Prof V.O Netshandama and Nyoni Tsakani