Dzomo la Mupo - 'The voice of Mupo'

Cultural Biodiversity

Intergenerational learning and cultural biodiversity Cultural Biodiversity (CB) is the link between cultural (or human) diversity and biological diversity (biodiversity). Where cultural diversity is the variety of human societies/culture, and biological diversity is the variety of plant and animal life, in any one specific region or within the world as a whole. Dzomo la Mupo works with teachers and students to revive cultural biodiversity through gatherings, celebrations and the facilitation of intergenerational knowledge transfer between elders and children. Having an…

Sacred Sites

Knowledge of the protection of sacred sites, and indigenous forests is held in the memory of the elders, and in particular the women custodians (the makhadzis). The elders are experienced in the governance of their ecosystem for maintaining the territorial order and the balance of the seasonal cycles which regulate the climate. They recognise that sacred sites are vital in maintaining the health of their territory and human wellbeing, and as well as being home to an abundance of biodiversity,…

Seed security

Seed is at the heart of the indigenous way of life. It symbolises the cycles of life itself, it gives life and it supports the biodiversity of the landscape of which it is a part. But without healthy soil and water seed cannot grow. Therefore we advocate for a holistic approach to these livelihood practices where seeds are recuperated and shared; the soil is regenerated; and water systems are protected by the protection of the forests.
A number of local seeds…

Dzomo la Mupo work to preserve and revive cultural diversity and food sovereignty in South Africa. Based in the Limpopo province of the Vhembe district, the organisation strengthens local communities in ecological governance through awareness on the value of indigenous forests, by reviving indigenous seed, facilitating and encouraging intergenerational learning, and rebuilding confidence in the value of indigenous knowledge systems. The organisation was founded in 2007 by Mphatheleni Makaulule, driven by her concern that cultural values are being eroded and indigenous forests are facing mass destruction, causing possibly irreversible disorder within Mupo. Dzomo la Mupo want to restore this order. The protection of sacred sites plays a vital role in indigenous living and hence it is core to the work of Dzomo la Mupo.

The Dzomo la Mupo (DLM) vision is to protect nature in all its forms, especially indigenous forests, rivers, wetlands and sacred natural sites, and to enhance the indigenous skills of traditional agriculture which support agro-ecological farming, and to preserve healthy nutritional food security.